In line with the motto of VIF to encourage and showcase the talents of students to excel,



Who are the beneficiaries?

These children whose parents typically work as house maids, vendors, painters, tailors are from the lower-income group. In most cases, it is a single income family consisting of 4 to 5 children with the parents struggling to educate at least one or two of them. While most children are first generation literates, it is apparent that the parents have neither the time nor the awareness to attend to the children. Most of the time whenever there are financial crisis in the family the children are pulled out of school to do proxy work for their parents. Moreover the parents are unable to afford the fee hikes that take place when the children move to higher classes. In such cases the children are withdrawn from school. VIF aims in such cases to ensure that the child’s education is guaranteed.

How do we identify the beneficiary?

The trust sponsors hardworking and dedicated children from semi-government and government aided private schools. Every year the heads of the institutions recommend needy and deserving children whom we interview and test before absorbing them into the trust. We are proud to have a strong network in finding out the target people for sponsorship. However we deliberately restrict our numbers so that every child of the trust gets more and more interventions. The trust was formed with the sole objective of educating and empowering underprivileged children’s. We believe that this will uplift an entire family and lead a path way to live peacefully and successfully.